Released 22nd of October, 2018

Reviewed by Kenny – theEOSwriter 

In the world of EOS gambling, dApp Trust Dice is carving out a nice niche for themselves as a reliable and trustworthy project. Believe it or not, they have NEVER been hacked.

So once you log in with Scatter (which you can download and learn about here) you are prompted with some help screens. I think this is a great idea and should be adopted by more EOS dApps, they also reward you with some free TXT tokens!

Screen Shot 2019-02-15 at 9.45.14 pm.png

EOS Dice Game with Roll Under and Roll Over Functionality


You can switch over “roll under” and “roll over”, which provides more betting possibilities.

The First Platform on EOS to Release Bet Verification

Living up to their name, the Trust Dice team provide a bet verifier that players can check and verify the results of each and every bet on the platform.


Trust Dice has never been hacked.

Yes, Trust Dice has never been hacked! The team behind the platform have the ambition to become the most secure, trustworthy and stable gambling platform.


One of the main attractions to EOS gambling DApp’s are of course the dividends! Who can say no to some passive income, Trust Dice seems to always be hovering around the top of the EOS Dividends charts as you can see below.


The Future

Trust Dice are planning to support more tokens (BTC, TRX, etc.) on their platform and I’m told a lot more casino games are on the way!



User Interface
User Experience
Token Economics

Final Verdict

Good project, nicely designed UI and the UX is great, everything is clear and works smoothly. The team seem to know exactly what they are doing especially when you consider they have never been hacked. Trust Dice is a solid project and I recommend checking it out!