KARMA (version 1)


Released 24th December, 2018 

Reviewed by Kenny – theEOSwriter Senior Writer

KARMA (version 1) has been released and is starting to gain some traction. It currently has 1.5K daily active users and is achieving more transactions than the entire chains of Vechain, NANO, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, Monero or ZCash… Not bad!  

Stats sourced from https://dappradar.com/

Stats sourced from  https://dappradar.com/

Stats sourced from https://dappradar.com/

So KARMA is live on the EOS mainnet as we speak and is available in the Google Play Store for Android and has been submitted to Apple for review.  You can use it on iOS now with the TestFlight app.

To begin your KARMA experience you’ll need to enter your private key into the dApp. If you’re a bit hesitant or not 100% sure what you’re doing it’s best to open an EOS account just for the purpose of trying new dApps like these out so you’re not putting your entire EOS holdings at risk. A great video by Kyle from EOS Vibes shows you how to open a new EOS account here.

Once you’ve imported your account you’ll be able to edit your profile, browse the KARMA feed for popular or new posts, up/down vote posts as you wish, leave comments, power up/down (stake) your KARMA tokens and keep track of your accounts recent activity.

iOS screenshots of KARMA DApp in action.

iOS screenshots of KARMA DApp in action.

KARMA is a tool designed to improve the world we live in.


My first post was a small but necessary deed of picking up some dropkicks litter at a local beach.

I think there may be a correlation between the type of litter you find around the place and the type of people who litter, for example, maybe your average Mcdonald’s customer is more likely to litter?

In any case, I got my girlfriend to film me picking up and placing the litter in the bin and posted it to the KARMA community. I must say even a small deed such as this makes you feel good! I’m always looking for opportunities now to help others and the environment!

Keep in mind that people are free to post any type of content in addition to good deeds/actions. Overall it’s a social network with people who want to see positive and beneficial things and be encouraged to do the same.


The Good

As a functioning dApp on the EOS blockchain KARMA is doing a great job, and keep in mind this is only Version 1. I’m sure the team has lots of improvements and added features to come. The UI/UX is great, being able to sign transactions with your iPhones FaceID (as you can see from this screenshot) is super impressive!

The Bad

I did notice that the content seems to take a bit longer to load than your normal centralized applications, I think the reason for this could be that the data is stored on IPFS (InterPlanetary File System). If so this is a tradeoff I’m personally more than willing to accept.

I’ll be following KARMA closely and looking to find ways in my own life to contribute and help others/the planet.

You can learn more about KARMA via the links and YouTube video below… the community is growing by the day and there are lots of good just waiting to be manifested into reality, time to take action!

KARMA: https://www.karmaapp.io/
KARMA App: Google Play Store
KARMA iOS: https://testflight.apple.com/join/lpnVgcmV


User Interface
User Experience
Token Economics

Final Verdict

What an awesome decentralised application! It’s actually the first fully decentralised social media DApp to run on the EOS blockchain. From the smooth UI/UX to the overarching concept of incentivising good deeds, KARMA is a great example of what EOS is capable of. Congrats to Dallas and the KARMA team for creating a meaningful tool to improve the world we live in.