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Block Producers Leading The Way

As infrastructure providers of the EOS blockchain, Block Producers are responsible for ensuring that blocks continue to flow and the network is devoid of any noticeable disruption. They’re also partly responsible for evolving the infrastructure and software which underpins EOS so that EOS as a development platform remains competitive and continues to deliver elite user experiences.

With the stables releases of both EOSIO v1.8 and EOSIO.contracts v1.7, Block Producers must coordinate with one another to deploy these upgrades to the EOS blockchain.

These upgrades are the first to require a “hardfork” and will not be backward compatible. Nodes are required to upgrade to remain synced with the chain.

Please note: In this case, the word “hardfork” does not imply a contentious split from within the EOS community. It refers to a change to how consensus is achieved. There will be one EOS blockchain after the upgrade is complete.

General Upgrading Instructions

To begin, please review the general instructions available in the EOSIO developers portal below.

If you are an active EOS developer, please complete this form to help determine the most used API nodes and help Block Producer’s prioritize resources.

Nodes That Do Not Upgrade Will No Longer Function

Any EOS nodes that fail to upgrade before the scheduled time will stop syncing and their last-irreversible-block will stop progressing. To avoid any disruption a general checklist of the largest changes and links to an open forum where troubleshooting may occur with the assistance of any BP available will be published.

Snapshots and technical resources are also being assembled to expedite the upgrade process for each node operator.

Testnets Running v1.8 Are Available

EOSIO v1.8.0 has already been successfully deployed on the two most prominent test-nets, Jungle and Kylin. As the rest of the ecosystem prepares for an upgrade, new features are already being tested to ensure they’re ready for the Mainnet.

We encourage all developers to join the Kylin and Jungle test-net communities.

Continually Improving EOS

Over the past year, the EOS blockchain has maintained an unprecedented rate of improvement with regard to the user and developer experiences. The coming upgrades will enable new features and squash old bugs, further expanding developers’ abilities to offer seamless experiences and for users to more easily achieve their goals. This is all not to mention that these upgrades will pave the way for Voice, Block.One’s recently announced social media platform which will launch on EOS.

More information will be released as it becomes available. Please look to your local BP for future updates.

Disclaimer: This account is not affiliated with BlockOne and is run by the EOS community.

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