Written by Peter Chen, Founder of Real World Coupon

Hello, my name is Peter. I am the founder of Real World Coupon project. Coupons are wildly popular and are being used every day. By combining coupons and blockchain in an innovative way, Real World Coupon brings a new business model to the world.

1. Why Build Real World Coupon Project?

Real World Coupon is not my first crypto project. My other role in the blockchain community is the founder and CSO of Moran.

Moran is dedicated to assisting EOS-based projects, dApps and block producers on branding, marketing, investor relations, crisis management, token design, and community management. We have clients all over the world. They are WhaleEx in Asia, Emanate in Australia, Sense Chat in North America, and pixEOS in Europe.

Moran works very closely with the founders of our clients, and we are always on their side. By assisting them on their journeys, we develop a deep understanding of these projects. We would take note of the pluses and minuses, and help founders alleviate and even fix potential issues. This hands-on experience at Moran plays a critical role when we designed Real World Coupon project.

One thing we learned in crypto community is that, because of the decentralized nature of blockchain technology, every blockchain-based project must possess the capability to execute global promotion. This capability is a hard ask among 95% of all blockchain projects, and is a core reason why we founded Real World Coupon. I am proud to say that, as of now, RWC project can effectively connect project teams with top tier crypto media and marketing services all over the world, while offering discounts at these places, so projects can spend more on product development.

Simply put, Real World Coupon project issues EOS-based tokens called RWC. RWC has only one function, which is to offer “discount.” The same discount that you’d receive in exchange for your coupons.

To the crypto crowd, RWC is a utility token. Its superior usability differentiates itself from the majority of crypto tokens. Real World Coupon team aims to connect top tier platforms and services to customers worldwide, at preferred pricing. Everyone in our coupon economy will benefit.

To form a solid foundation of this project, Real World Coupon team has decided not to do the following 3 things: ICO, private sale, airdrop.

RWC total supply is relatively low. We want to get every token into the hands of people who share our vision, especially the users who will actually use RWC at our partner platforms for discounts on products and services. We are adding one partner at a time, and attracting the right users. It takes time to build a healthy coupon economy, and airdrop is not a shortcut we take.

Since Real World Coupon unveils in mid May, project website is live in English, Korean and Chinese. Project whitepaper is available on the website, and we are open to partners to submit discount use cases for RWC.

2. How to use RWC?

Coupons have a long history and a huge market size. Coupon platform Groupon is already a household name and was once highly sought after among top VCs. Research claims that there will be 1.05 billion digital coupon users by 2019. And the value of digital coupon redemptions will increase to $91 billion by 2022 from $47 billion in 2017. Coupons are loved by many and more frequently used by all.

Coupons are great marketing tools. “Promotion” is one of the Four Ps of Marketing, and coupons are the most simple and effective way to conduct promotions. Promotions can have different names Christmas, Black Friday, Thanksgiving, but at their core is discount. To the shop owners, coupons bring them attention, revenue and new clients. To users, coupons save money, and fulfill desires. Coupons, whether in paper or electronic form, provide the perfect opportunity to benefit store sales and customers. While merchants devise innovative ways to launch their next promotion, coupons become the staple. Coupon becomes a classic.

Is there room for coupons to evolve? Meet Real World Coupon!

Real World Coupon is blockchain-based coupon economy. RWC shares the same function to be used online and offline for discounts. What it improves on are the below two shortcomings of traditional coupons:

  • Limited scope: Too often a coupon spells out its limitation in the small fine prints. Say a Starbucks coupon only works on certain drinks, or only useable in California state.  Without saying, Dunkin’ Donuts will never take a Starbucks coupon.
  • Limited use: All coupons, whether electronic or paper, are good for one-time use.  The moment a coupon is handed over for discount, that coupon has served its purpose.

Real World Coupon defies these traditions. Let’s go over how RWCs are used in a scenario:

A customer spends RWC to get 10% off on a sponsored article on EOSwriter. EOSwriter takes the RWC accepted and spends the same RWC to get 10% off on Hacken smart contract audit for their yet-to-announced project. Hacken takes the RWC accepted and spends them to get 10% off on DappReview ad banner. DappReview team happen to be on a business trip in Hangzhou and use some RWC to get 10% off at The Cake shop, and sold the rest on a crypto exchange for EOS.

As illustrated above, RWC is useable at multiple platforms and shops, and can be endlessly reused, even traded on exchange. Real World Coupon project will constantly form new partnership with quality merchants and platforms to allow RWC be used for discounts. It is likely that at some point in your life, you’ll have a chance to experience the power of RWC.

Real World Coupon project launched with 12 global partners all over the world, offering businesses and consumers online and offline discounts. We are proud to say that RWC is the most useable EOS-based token created thus far.

3.Who are Real World Coupon Team?

The birth of internet accelerated information transfer and allows new business models to form. It was thought to be a new age for the people, the first decentralization of the world. Decades later, internet is now controlled by Google, Facebook, and other tech giants. These select few people wield enormous power and dominate the information age.

See, the internet age accelerated information transfer and gather. Companies that are really good at gathering data and using them effectively, ends up making billions of dollars. They make the new rules and make sure they stay in power. They are centralized power.

Then Blockchain comes along. It’s giving us a second chance to decentralize power.

Today, numerous big corporations and lean startups set out to explore how to apply blockchain technology to build the next big thing. They share similar conventional team structure, having registered companies, equity stakes, full time employees on payroll, and office locations. If they are successful, they will become the Google and Facebook of the blockchain age. Becoming the new centralized power.

Real World Coupon project is a decentralized team leveraging the power of blockchain to invent a new coupon model. We believe by keeping the team open and distributed throughout the world is a key to our project success. Anyone is welcome to come join our team and help, and every platform and merchant can let us know how RWC can be used on their platforms.

The founding members of Real World Coupon projects are: Peter Chen (founder of Moran, China), Yurii Olentir (CEO of Paytomat, Ukraine), Ben Sigman (CTO of Sense Chat, US), Fred Nogueira (founder of pixEOS, Portugal), Hahn Ryu (CEO of EOS NodeOne, South Korea), Kenny Robert (founder of EOSwriter, Australia), and Dmitriy Perelstein (COO of EOSwriter, US).

Bitcoin gave the world blockchain technology and showed us how a project managed by a decentralized team can be wildly successful. Since the formation of Real World Coupon project, we already see the benefits of having a decentralized team. In a very short period of time, we are able to rapidly form 12 high quality partnerships worldwide to offer discounts with RWC.

Website: www.realworldcoupon.com

Contact Us: team@realworldcoupon.com

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