As I wasn’t able to attend the #b1june event in Washington DC I was super excited to be invited to the 1st EOS Birthday meetup in Sydney! Hosted by Oscar Ji from the Sydney Blockchain Centre in association with GenerEOS and EOSphere.

I was actually fashionable late, but I did have a good reason! I had just finished watching the #b1june event and was flat out writing this article covering the event. Nothing gets in the way of an EOSwriter deadline, even free food and drinks!

Live stream to #b1june

The hour or so I did spend at the meetup was great, I met Sean from Emanate, Daniel from Treos, Crypto Tim and all the GenerEOS and EOSphere team members not in Washington, plus many others from the Australian EOS community.

One of the highlights of the meetup was an EOS quiz consisting of 21 questions. Split into teams Crypto Tim’s team came in 3rd, EOSwriter 2nd and Emanate taking the win with 19/21! We got 18/21 but could have easily been 20 as one of the questions I misheard and another I had right but changed last minute! I know excuses, excuses…..

Below you can find the quiz if you’re interested in testing your EOS knowledge, answers can be found on the very bottom of this article. Let us know your score in the comments and don’t cheat!!!

EOS Quiz Questions

  1. Name two Australian EOS Block Producer Candidates
  2. Where is the current Block.One headquarters?
  3. Who is the dream team at Block.One?
  4. What consensus mechanism does EOS use?
  5. What does DPoS stand for?
  6. Name two other DPoS blockchains
  7. How many active block producers are running / security the network at a given time?
  8. What is the current network inflation?
  9. What percentage goes to BPs?
  10. What actual date was mainnet launched?
  11. When did first producers register on chain?
  12. How many blocks (should) get produced per minute?
  13. What does REX stand for?
  14. How much RAM did Block.One recently purchase on the EOS mainnet?
  15. What has been the most used wallet implementation for EOS this past year?
  16. What is the best music platform on EOS 😊 ?
  17. By how much does RAM increase per block?
  18. What is the name of the first official EOS wallet?
  19. Which permission should you NOT use on a daily basis – owner or active?
  20. Are EOS smart contracts mutable?
  21. Do you need to transfer tokens to a DEX platform in order to trade on it?

BONUS: When Brendan Blumer was 15 he built his first website. What was the website was about?

Happy Birthday EOS!

It was great to meet some of the Australia EOS community and I look forward to traveling to Sydney more often to cover future events!

Huge thanks goes to the EOSphere, GenerEOS, and Sydney Blockchain Centre for putting on the event.


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Quiz answers…

  1. Eosphere & GenerEOS
  2. Blacksburg
  3. Daniel Larimer & Brendan Blumer
  4. DPoS
  5. Delegated Proof of Stake
  6. STEEM, BTS.. etc
  7. 21
  8. 5%
  9. 1%
  10. 8th June 2018
  11. 10th June
  12. 120
  13. Resource Exchange
  14. 32GB
  15. Scatter
  16. Emanate
  17. 1KB β†’ or ~62GB per year
  18. keosd
  19. owner
  20. yes
  21. no

Bonus – Brendan Built a website called GameCliff which was an online gaming site that sold characters and weapons etc for World of Warcraft and EverQuest.