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Simon Wragg is the founder of Crypto-4-Beginners, Simon has dedicated himself to helping onboard new users into the crypto world. The main cryptocurrencies Simon specialises in is Bitcoin, EOS & Monero.

Simon has a vast library of content at his website: https://www.crypto-4-beginners.com/

Simon has close ties with Jeff Berwick & New Kids On The Blockchain where he regularly talks about cryptocurrency on their various channels.

Simon believes that mainstream mass adoption of cryptocurrency and utilisation of Blockchain Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) across a variety of sectors will occur inside the next 10, if not 5 years. There is massive potential for adoption and growth, his passion is teaching students this new technology and giving people the upper hand sooner, rather than later. In short Simon’s goal is to build your confidence in cryptocurrency so you can safely and securely manage your own assets and navigate the space correctly.

Simon reports a constant stream of news on his feed for students to keep up to date:

11 April 2019 – ‘Coinbase Crypto Exchange Debuts Visa Card for UK Customers’

07 May 19 – ‘Cryptocurrency exchange Binance suffers hack to the tune of around $40 Million (approx 7,000 Bitcoin)’

28 May 19 – EOSIO 1 Year since launch live stream and party in Washington DC – You can catch the livestream from Washington DC provided by Block.One on Sat 1st June, where B1 will be releasing their much anticipated news and EOS-based releases! Stay tuned!

Simon also offers an extensive variety of premium content where students get exclusive access to portfolio management, trading skills, security tips, wallet creation, how-to videos & much more.

For even more in-depth content visit: https://www.crypto-4-beginners.com/

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