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Today EOS Lynx – one of the most popular EOS wallets has issued an updated version 3.1.5, in which it complied with all of the Appstore guidelines.

Fred Krueger, Founder and CEO of EOS Lynx, made the following comments on his Facebook page regarding the new release:

1. As we mentioned on our telegram, Apple has communicated new guidelines that affect all crypto wallets that deal with apps. These include Lynx, Token Pocket, and Tron Wallet. The most important part of this is all the “dapps” that are pre-loaded in the explore section MUST have associated Apple IDs with them.

2. What this means is that every dapp that wants to be in the default view must contact us and submit their Apple Developer team ID to us, and we must communicate these IDs to apple before each build.

3. We now have a search bar in the explore section, which allows you to find apps that are not shown in the default view. These apps DO NOT have to have Apple Developer IDs. All the old apps can be found this way, and they can all be FAVORITED to stay there permanently.

4. As we roll out our new desktop product in a few weeks, this concept of favoriting apps (either on desktop or mobile) will have new significance. It will also grant apps “push notification rights” to your Lynx wallet (of course you can mute notifications).

5. We’re actually pretty OK with this solution. Understandably, Apple wants to control what dapps are within one click. It would be the same as if a browser was listed as an app and had a number of pre-set “bookmarks” that were not ideal for the general Apple consumer.

6. In general, the amount of apps on EOS is starting to exceed the simple “shelf space” of mobile apps anyways. We think a combination of desktop discovery + favoriting for mobile use is likely to be the best long term user experience solution. We note that we are THE ONLY wallet available on all three platforms (IOS, Android, Desktop).

7. Final word: we can all breathe a little easier. At Lynx, of course, but in Blockchain in general. We need to work around the constraints of Apple and Google, not fight them.

8. Final, final word: The search bar is really great and it will get even greater with time. We foresee a time where an app can be made “lynx aware” — including with an icon, description etc..all read from a json file attached to the dapp website — and WITHOUT EVER CONTACTING LYNX.

We absolutely want developers to be able to develop dapps without ever dealing with Grayson Gladstone or Robin Kakou. Of course, if you want them featured in our upcoming desktop, where there actually is plenty of real estate…feel free to call!

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