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EOSwriter is proud to announce we have partnered with Chinese management consulting firm Moran. We’ve been working on this partnership for quite some time and we’re super excited to share this news with the EOS community.

We believe one of the biggest and most important hurdles the EOS public network must overcome is the communication gap between the East and West communities. It is for this reason that we can not wait to begin the partnership.

Moran has a team of professional writers and translators on hand waiting to translate all content published on EOSwriter AND will be pushing some of our content through their WeChat, Bihu and other Chinese media outlets. This is a huge deal and our hope is that it will help to bridge the gap between the east and west EOS communities, in-turn creating a more inclusive and secure EOS public network for all.

The Chinese version of EOSwriter is now live – http://cn.eoswriter.io/ so please share with any eastern EOS community members and groups to help spread the word!

So who is Moran?

Moran is a management consulting firm founded in the summer of 2018 to serve WhaleEx on PR, marketing and business development. WhaleEx exclusively uses Moran services for PR and marketing and is currently the most valuable China-based EOS project.

In 2018, Moran planned and executed the EOS World Tour. The tour visited 7 cities around the world to promote EOS projects. Moran also covered the EOS London Hackathon and EOS San Francisco Hackathon.

In 2019, Moran began forming close partnerships with a select few EOS-based projects, working closely with the project founders to tackle China region adoption.

Moran Founder and CEO Heidi Liu previously worked at the Chinese official state-run press agency Xinhua News Agency and live broadcasted the Beijing Olympics. She also served as PR lead at top Chinese startups and a prominent VC.

Moran Founder and CSO Peter Chen worked on Wall Street for 10 years (Goldman Sachs, SAC Capital Advisors) and was China president and advisor for top Silicon Valley startups (Leap Motion, SubPac).

To learn more about Moran and our partnership you can listen to the latest The EOS Podcast episode #105 below.

Onward and Outward

EOSwriter will continue working hard to create high quality, value rich content for the global EOS community. We are working on a lot of developments behind the scenes and can not wait to share more of them with the EOS community!


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