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The greatest wealth transfer in history will happen on the blockchain, and it’s not what you think.

Our lives are enhanced exponentially: by the end of the 21st century we will have innovated more than the 20,000 years before, in the fields of software, robotics, nanotechnologies, artificial intelligence. Soon, working will be delegated to machines and humans will move on to other occupations.

Since technology is exponential but attention is scarce, the value of influence is increasing everywhere, and the advertising model is being replaced by new forms of organic influence: the digital tribalism. By entering communities of trust, we follow our peers and their recommendations.

Each community of trust works as a geographically distributed nation with it’s own emblems, colours, logos and values. These communities are the new vectors of economic influence that rely on memetic and collective curation of ideas.

“the original soundtrack of our life”

We have always, consciously or not, been participating in the aesthetics economy: by creating a logo for your company, by choosing an outfit in the morning, the design of your car, the branding of a bank, the colours in your video games, the choice of a music track.

Life aesthetics are the flavours we add to our life, the original soundtrack of our life, the theme, if you will. Its economy is organised around the concept of collective intuitive curation: each choice you make subconsciously will impact people around you and that’s how trends are being formed. A creative mind innovates and everyone else follows the curve if the collective mind is intuitively appealed by it.

the hipster aesthetics drive hundreds of billions in sales across sectors

That’s exactly the way the hipster aesthetics spread: it was initiated in Montréal, Canada, by a group of kids who created VICE magazine in the 90s, and it intuitively and non-verbally spread through interpersonal channels, from clothing to interior design. Today, the hipster aesthetics drive hundreds of billions in sales across sectors and companies have to fit in to be more desirable by clients and employees. You can see hipsters on the tv, on advertisements, in the streets and this influences you, and your economic decisions.

Hi, i’m a Mac! and i’m a PC…

This Apple advertising celebrates the victory of its hipster aesthetics over the corporate aesthetics of Microsoft.

What if I told you the hipster aesthetics was just a taste of the tsunami of new life aesthetics being created right now, by communities of creators? The post-millennial generations have codified a new cultural landscape made of designs, expressions, memes that are understood by their peers. We will soon enter a new paradigm where global communities of interest will form distributed nations, using aesthetics as a means of peer identification.

It’s the 90€ sold out Balenciaga sport socks

The aesthetics economy is the value added by Apple ($100B), compared to its rival Samsung ($14B), making its product more desirable by forging an aesthetically-driven culture. Out of the $86B difference between the Apple and Samsung, more than half of it can be attributed to the aesthetics economy. The aesthetics economy is Starbucks which built a hipster-priced coffee empire. It’s the 120€ Balenciaga socks, sold on the global luxury fashion retail. It’s the EOS Chestahedron sticker on your Apple MacBook. The choice of your car or your shoes, the barbershop that opened around the corner. It’s the value of the design, branding and aesthetics producers who made these products desirable.

Screenshot from a luxury retailer.

Millennials stand to inherit 30 trillions

…in the coming decades and their preferences are radically different from the boomers’. Not only technology is completely embedded into their life, they also happen to value life aesthetics much more than their elders according to major studies. Fashion, interior design and lifestyles are trillion-dollar markets that are directly connected to the aesthetics economy, but eventually anything in the world will relate to those new digital nations that will influence economic decisions.

The cureaucrats

Currently, life aesthetics are organised and funded by industrial groups and institutions: the cureaucrats. Cureaucrats are curators, working in offices, and allocating funding to creators through grants, freelance gigs and distribution deals. It places aesthetics innovators in a scarce position which restricts their individual and collective potential. They have to comply with these centralised organisations and ask for permission.

How does this connect to EOSIO?

A new startup is emerging and currently making the news, especially among the aesthetics trendsetters community, appearing on publications such as PAPER Magazine, Coeval, Hunger, highxtar, Campaign or the iconic DAZEDMagazine.

NEW LIFE AI is a ledger that contains already millions of inputs from aesthetics innovators in the fields of visual arts, fashion, graphic design and architecture. Those creators are rewarded for their participation in the peer-to-peer “curatiorial” process through a cryptocurrency token called the NEWCOIN. Unlike Bitcoin which uses computing power to produce its value, the NEWCOIN currency will rely on the EOSIO DPoS protocol to use the brain power of the creators and curators to back its value. Instead of mining with their computer, they will mine NEWCOIN by curating aesthetics contents and solve blocks by joining the consensus on trends in order to form meaningful aesthetics environments.

some screenshots of the main interface to the aesthetics economy, the app ‘NEW LIFE AI’ available on the Play Store and Apple App Store.

the NEWCOIN algorithm rewards aesthetics producers

This fast growing community is using a mobile app to interact with contents such as photos or video clips containing aesthetics innovations, and like the Bitcoin consensus algorithm that rewards consensus on hashing power, the NEWCOIN algorithm rewards aesthetics producers for reaching consensus over the upcoming aesthetics trends. These communities of digital artists are forming clusters of intelligence that will define the upcoming trends.

The network will expand exponentially, fuelled by a sound monetisation model, in order to re-organise the aesthetics economy in a globally integrated ecosystem connecting users seamlessly through aesthetics-driven algorithms.

Expecting more than 5 millions transactions per day by December!

With more than 5 millions transactions per day expected by the end of the year, this ledger will make its anonymous aggregated data available publicly, allowing anyone to connect to the aesthetics economy and its networks of expert curators.

The transactions per day are growing steadily and will be soon happening on an EOSIO blockchain.

While all creators will seamlessly receive rewards, they will also form a network effect that will absorb and capture a majority of the aesthetics economy, in the same way the attention economy was absorbed by tech giants who dominate the ad market.

this new factor of economic influence that will replace the intrusive attention economy

Once the ledger will reach a critical mass, and considering the value of the dataset, the incentive for participants in the aesthetics economy to follow the trends formed by aesthetics producers will force corporations to adapt to their inputs instead of trying to sell them expensive goods advertised by influencers. The ai-enhanced cultural layer formed by the new life aesthetics producers will become the new factor of economic influence that will replace the intrusive attention economy.

The NEW LIFE AI dapp has the potential to turn the $1T aesthetics economy into a new $100T market, where algorithms and curators will produce trends and monetise them at the core, merging with the memetic collective consciousness that happens IRL, with a token representing the value of the dataset.

The platform requires an invitation code, from a users already registered. It allows an organic growth between like minded individuals.

Industries will buy at the same time market research, creativity and influence that correlate to the flow of aesthetics trends formation occurring on the aesthetics economy and available on a public ledger.

Each application built on top of this ledger will need to stake

Each application built on top of this ledger will need to stake tokens in order to access deeper layers of technology and tools to interact with the aesthetics economy, while respecting the privacy of the users through encryption.

The EOSIO blockchain software will allow the aesthetics economy to run as DAC where creators and curators will transact millions of curation feedbacks per hour and share the ownership of this reference dataset for global aesthetics trends.

Universal Creator Income (UCI)

The reward model is called Universal Creator Income. It is a royalties program that works quite similarly to the copyright collectives in charge of collecting royalties for artists: the radio counts how many times each track is played and pays a portion of its ads revenue to copyright collectives redistribute value to the artists. NEW LIFE AI applies the same principles, but using blockchain and making the ledger universally accessible, cross-border and transparent for the receiving end. It will be funded by affiliate commissions and royalties payment by selles on the aesthetics marketplace.

When moon?

The question has been already addressed in a very rational and scientific way on this website, and you can of course join the project’s telegram group to connect meaningfully with the community of users and enthusiasts.

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