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dfuse, a company which helps developers connect to, organize and analyze blockchain data, today announced they have raised $3.5M in seed financing round led by Multicoin Capital and Intel Capital.

dfuse launched in June 2018 as part of the EOS ecosystem shortly after the launch of the EOS Mainnet. Multiple EOS projects, including pixEOS, Cypherglass and Everipedia, utilize its blockchain API and speak very highly of its products.

dfuse offers the following suite of products for developers:

  • dfuse Stream – in real-time listens and filters transactions flowing through the network and traces lifecycle of transactions.
  • dfuse Lifecycle – allows submission of transactions with guaranteed irreversibility.
  • dfuse Search – lightning-fast blockchain transaction history queries
  • dfuse Workers – facilitates listening to the blockchain and performs notification functionality allowing you to keep an eye on your account

We asked the dfuse team a few questions about the company:

What is your business model? Do you charge devs for your services?

dfuse: Our business model is to support a developer from their initial building stage all the way through their growth to being one of the top blockchain dapps. This means being able to offer flexible and powerful plans, starting with a generous free tier to get them started. For us to succeed, we need the developers to succeed. And without us, we’d like to think that they’d be weeks or months further behind, with a higher development cost.

Not only have we been able to empower development teams to run leaner in terms of manpower, but also we’ve given them the ability to turn off all of their backend infrastructure. A developer doesn’t need to bog themselves down in the details around running a nodeos instance that is kept up to date (and as we’ve seen with EOSIO, there is always something changing). This means that they can focus on the things that they do best, while we handle everything else. This gives them a longer runway when developing, allowing them to allocate more of their dollars to actual coding and marketing to grab users and increase adoption.

With our generous free plan available to anyone, it’s also very simple for a dev team to see if making the switch to dfuse is the right choice for them. We have confidence that every team can benefit by having dfuse give them the access they need to blockchain data flows. Stay tuned for more details surrounding pricing in the upcoming weeks.

How do you differentiate yourself from the competition?

dfuse: With a strong team of deep technologists, we know the struggles that our customers go through all too well. We built dfuse out of necessity, not because there was a gap in the market, but because we knew the dapps we wanted to build just wouldn’t be possible without access to such a powerful platform.

We also chose not to focus solely on one aspect of the development experience, but to be a place where any developer who is at any part of their development experience can turn to. Some of the largest dapps on the EOS mainnet rely on dfuse, and some first time blockchain developers rely on dfuse. We have tried to abstract away the idea of someone being a blockchain developer, and make the experience similar to just being a Web developer. We make steps in that direction each and every day, and we won’t stop until there is no longer any distinction between the two.

What makes your API better than others?

dfuse: Our many endpoints allow a development team to pluck the exact bit of information from the blockchain that they’d like. We index many fields, making searching through the chain’s database similar to searching on the web through a search engine. Our Search Query Language provides near-instant parsing through an ever-expanding database, no simple feat to say the least.

We also offer three kinds of API endpoints: GraphQL (both query and subscription), WebSocket, and REST. So no matter the kind of search you want to do, or the level of detail that you need, we have something to meet your needs.

We also handle forks very well, alerting you to every dropped block so that you always have an accurate view of the blockchain. Our lifecycle tracker is also unmatched, allowing you to receive a response only when you want it, depending on the level of guarantee your dapp needs.

We also offer dfuse On Demand Networks, dedicated blockchain environments for dev, test or production, packed with the full suite of dfuse products, ready for any development team. We cover the needs from a short-lived development environment to a turn-key fully fledged enterprise network.

What projects are currently using your API?

dfuse: A small sampling of our current customers are: EOS Studio, Everipedia, pixEOS, Cypherglass, dmail, EOS Name Service, Sense Chat, Bloks.io, Carbon, MYKEY, Murmur, EOS Inbox, Karma, Infiniverse, Bountyblok, Trybe, SlowMist and many more.

Plans for the Ethereum API launch?

dfuse:We decided to support Ethereum next as many of our current users were requesting it. Some of the teams that we work with have dapps both on EOSIO and Ethereum, and they were hoping to take advantage of the time and cost savings that dfuse has afforded them for both networks.

We’ve been digging deep to understand the mechanics of Ethereum in the same way that we do EOSIO. Naturally, we want to ensure that every developer in the blockchain space has easy access to the data that they need to power their dapp. With a large developer base already building on Ethereum, it was an easy choice to dedicate the effort. We hope to have more news around the launch date shortly, but for now you can go to our Ethereum Beta request page if you’d like to be part of our first round of developers to be on-boarded.

To sign up for free and start building, visit www.dfuse.io.  

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