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There has been some negativity lately coming in the direction of EOS, not only from the EOS-haters and community members from the other blockchains, but also within the EOS community itself. This is pretty discouraging. In order to address this, we will do our part to promote good vibes and spread positive information about EOS. We really liked the positive, up-beat attitude of Crypto Dunker in his latest video. So we wanted to share it with you. Here are the main takeaways from his video:

  • EOS is not Block.one, nor is it Voice. If you were dissatisfied with the #B1June announcement, maybe your expectations were overhyped?
  • Thousands of dApps are being built on EOS
  • Prospectors: great game that surpassed his expectations
  • Most transactional volume no longer comes from gambling dApps
  • Bot traffic could be high, but even without it, Tx volume is 10x that of ETH!

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