Daniel Larimer CTO of Block.one has been very active on Twitter today. He started off having a dig at ETH, highlighted some flaws of proof of work, and finished by providing some very interesting insights into what MEOS may look like.

This was one of the most interesting Tweets from Dan,

Speech is too valuable to be free. What we want is a market where everyone can bid for an opportunity to talk and all who listen to profit. This is what a properly designed #blockchain enables.

He may be hinting at how B1’s social media platform (MEOS) will be structured. Bidding for the right to speak and receiving profit for listening… Such an interesting idea!

Ashe Oro was quick to connect the dots…

Douglas Horn, the creator of the Telos blockchain, had an interesting reply highlighting a possible flaw in the concept. It’s really hard to speculate on what the possible flaws or solutions may be in a platform like Dan describes here, but it sure is fun!

I can’t help but wonder if MEOS will bring together Dan’s ideas of URI and Unique ID which he has claimed to have solved in the past. Only time will tell. #B1June

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