Or it certainly seems this way.

After a 15-month crypto winter that started at the end of December 2017 (wow that was a long time ago!), we are finally beginning to see signs of the crypto thaw. If you look at the BTC graph this morning, you will see that it jumped nicely up to 20%+ and even breached the $5000 resistance level.


And Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency that is solidly in the green today (apologies to our Chinese readers whose “up-market color” is red). All of the majors are demonstrating solid price increases today:


EOS is also looking strong with an 18% price increase over 24hrs, the chart is from Australian Exchange Coinspot.



As a result crypto-verse today is abuzz with bullish posts, updates, and reviews. Just like the bears wake up from hibernation and walk around in search of food to load up on the nutrients that they have been using up through the winter, so are the crypto enthusiasts climbing out of their winter HODL and BUIDL dens in search of positive news in the market:

Watch full video  here

Watch full video here

However, some investors who sold during the crypto winter never bought back. Remember, if you missed the boat at $3K, and at 4K, there will always be a chance to buy back again at $20,000! 😁 😁 😁


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