Latest EOS news from Rob Finch and Cypherglass, the EUA (EOS User Agreement) has officially passed!!! Congrats to all the BP’s and EOS community members who voted!

This is a great and historic moment for the EOS ecosystem as this is the first time a proposal has gone through the EOS referendum system and be implemented by the BPs. Huge thanks to EOS New York for drafting the proposal and making this happen!

Words below by Rob Finch – Cypherglass

Just a few days ago, the EOS User Agreement received enough Block Producer votes to pass and replace the Interim EOS Constitution! This is a historic moment for EOS, as it marks the first time that a referendum has received tremendous support and implemented on the blockchain.

A huge thank you to the following Block Producers for voting YES to approve the EUA:

EOS New York

EOS Argentina


EOS Nation

EOS Cafe Block

Attic Lab

Fly to Mars

EOS Beijing

EOS Bixin

EOS Shenzhen



EOS Authority

EOS 42

EOS Fish


EOS Cannon






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