Ever wanted to own a Slot Machine? Here’s your chance…

EOSReel – “Red Diamond” Slots Game


Released 1st of February, 2019Reviewed by Kenny – theEOSwriter Senior Writer

After literally months of screaming on the DICE telegram channel that someone needs to create a decent slots game, the team at EOSReel have done just that.

EOSReel was released on the 1st of February and is by far the best slots game I’ve ever seen running on a blockchain. Take a look at the UI, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’re actually in a casino.

Impressive logo/graphic design

This is the first time I’ve been excited about any other gambling dApp on EOS other than dice.one, I sense a similar level of quality and professionalism from this team.

Slot or “Pokie” machines in Australia have literally taken over the country, which is a shame as they’ve replaced many of the pool tables which once populated the local pubs and surf clubs. Anyhow, we can not deny the impact they have had, and the fortunes they have created for the lucky few. What I’m excited about here is the opportunity to share in the profits from such machines- which until now were out of reach from the general public. Slot games like these also have the potential to spread into the Twitch and YouTube online steaming communities. This would greatly help spread the adoption of EOS.

So let’s explore some of the aspects of EOSReel.

Token Distribution

EOSReel has received no investment, meaning there is no token sale to be responsible for investors. Unlike other dApps, EOSReel distributes 75% of the total supply on mining while distributing only 12% for its team.

Mining 75%

EOSReel has set a total of 15 mining stages with an output of 250 million ER each. Each stage generates different ER amounts proportional with the same EOS input, meaning it will have halved each time it goes through each stage.

Team 12%

The EOSReel team will distribute only 12% of the total supply to themselves and will not stake them for dividends according to their Medium article.

Mathematical Model

This is something I have not seen before, apparently, they have spent months working on the mathematical formulas applied to Red Diamond. The image below graphically displays some of the models considered… I don’t understand it but it looks impressive!

The “Red Diamond” User Interface

This is the most impressive part of the game in my opinion. In order to draw people into these types of games you really need a stunning UI/UX, this one ticks all of the boxes.

Everything is clear, detailed, and easy to use. All buttons and controls are super responsive. The sound effects are great and the varied sounds for different winning combinations are just like a real slot machine.

The team has created an awesome, highly detailed guide describing exactly how the game works which you can view here. I had no idea a simple slot machine could be so complex!

They also have a great “How to play” guide which links to the “EOS Account Creator” tool made by EOS Vibes and a link to the Scatter Desktop site.

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EOSReel Offical Links –

Website : https://eosreel.io
Medium : https://medium.com/eosreel
Telegram : https://t.me/EOSreel 
Telegram(EN) : https://t.me/EOSreel_EN

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Final Verdict

This is the first high end quality slots game on EOS and it doesn’t disappoint, from the mesmerising graphics to the smooth user experience I am super impressed with EOSReel and can’t wait to see what they have in store for us in the future.