EOSReel is by far the best casino dApp I’ve ever seen running on a blockchain. Take a look at the UI, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’re actually in a casino.

A 194 EOS or $1,067.00 Win on Red Diamond Slot

Slot or “Pokie” machines in Australia have literally taken over the country, which is a shame as they’ve replaced many of the pool tables which once populated the local pubs and surf clubs. Anyhow, we can not deny the impact they have had, and the fortunes they have created for the lucky few, (the owners of the machines). What I’m excited about here is the opportunity to share in the profits from such machines, which until now were out of reach to the general public.

So let’s explore some of the different aspects of EOSreel.

Token Distribution

EOSreel has received no investment, meaning there is no token sale to be responsible for investors. Unlike other dApps (decentralised applications), EOSreel distributes 75% of the total supply on mining while distributing only 12% for its team.

Mining 75%

EOSreel has set a total of 15 mining stages with an output of 250 million ER each. Each stage generates different ER amounts proportional with the same EOS input, meaning it will have halved each time it goes through each stage.

It pays to be early when it comes to mining.

Multiple Games

Currently there are 3 slot games and 1 newly released betting game on the EOSreel platform with plans for 3 more themed slots in the near future and a new type of betting game which they are keeping under wraps.

For more information on each specific game follow the links below.

Red Diamond

Fortunes Door


Crush 8

Huge Wins

Check out some of the all time huge wins on the platform, 600 EOS ($3,300.00) has been won twice and the grand jackpot is a massive 8,728 EOS ($48,000).

Getting started…

Before you can play EOSreel you will need an EOS account with some EOS tokens to use, below are some clear and simple steps to get you started.

First step is to create an EOS account here.

Second step is to download Scatter, a wallet to store your EOS and sign transactions on the blockchain.

Third and final step is to sign up on an exchange so you can fund your EOS account and start using EOSreel!

We recommend Coinbase for ease of use, but there are many well known exchanges to choose from as listed below.

Coinbase also has a great learn to earn program where you can earn up to $10 USD just from learning about EOS, the most used blockchain on the planet.

If you have any trouble with the above steps there’s a great helpful community to help you on the EOSreel and EOS New York telegram channels.

EOSReel Offical Links –

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