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EOS Authority, a founding EOS block producer, offered a proposal of a time and date for the EOSIO upgrade to a newer version 1.8.

EOSIO version 1.8 will enable 2 key developments to progress:

First one is the ability for Voice to be launched on the new EOSIO version. It is a lesser known fact that the new decentralized social media platform announced by Block.one with loud fanfare at the B1June event in DC can not be launched without the 1.8 upgrade.

Second development is the proposed reduction in the EOS inflation from the current 5% to 1% moving forward. The argument here is that the current 5% inflation is just too high and not being used in any valuable fashion. Colin, from Colin Talks Crypto, a blockchain YouTuber who also runs a Vote Proxy argues:

As a reminder on the 8th of May EOS Block Producers burnt 34,171,037 EOS tokens collected in the eosio.saving account. These tokens were flowing in the account since genesis generated by the 4% annual inflation (5% total inflation minus 1% BP reward). Although the EOS in the savings have now been burnt, the inflation remains unchanged and the pot is filling up again. 

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