We haven’t seen too many updates coming from the Lynx Wallet team in a while. Apparently, there was a good reason for it: they were hard at work!

The team recently host an announcement event at their old offices in LA (they have recently moved to a new one) where they discussed multiple new initiatives that are being implemented.


First and foremost, Lynx Coin has been recently launched. This is not surprising given that other major wallets such as TokenPocket and Meet.One issued their own tokens in the past as well. The new Lynx Coin is currently traded on the following exchanges: DexEOS, Newdex and Chaince. It will also soon be listed on Findex and WhaleEx.

The real utility of the Lynx token won’t be clear unless you read to the end of this article.

Fred Krueger is a season entrepreneur who founded and sold several successful startups. Unlike most technically-savvy founders (which is not to say that he is not), he is truly consumer-focused. As a result of this focus, his vision for the Lynx wallet from the very beginning has been a consumer-friendly wallet.

During his previous presentation half a year ago, Fred told the audience how he felt about other existing cryptocurrency wallets such as the ETH popular Metamask and how clumsy and outright unusable they are to the average Joe consumer.

Issues that the team faced 6 months ago and overcame

No user-friendly wallets

This was solved by EOS Lynx which Fred calls the most consumer-friendly wallet on the market

No mobile EOS apps

There are now over 20 dApps that you can launch straight from the Lynx wallet


Original idea was to develop their own Lynx DEX. But it was quickly brushed aside as the team realized that there are many other DEXs being developed in parallel that satisfy their needs. No need to elbow your way into the crowded market! Lynx now supports 5 DEXs within their dApp explorer.

No EOS Stablecoin

Lynx now has partnered with Carbon, which is an EOS-based stablecoin that allows on/off-ramp between fiat and EOS.


Some of today’s challenges that Lynx is solving:

App discovery

New app discovery is made simple with the introduction of dApp explorer. Dapps can be reviewed and rated similarly to how you would rate apps in the Apple iStore. Also significant focus is placed on inline dapp experience (dapps open in the same window, which enhances usability experience)

  • Digital goods
  • Fiat to crypto


  • buy stable coins in-app
  • credit card support
  • ACH Bank linking

One More Thing….

Lynx Chain

One more barrier for the consumer:


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