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One of the top EOS wallets, TokenPocket, today released a miniwallet. A miniwallet is a dApp integrated wallet that provides better user experience by removing the need to switch back and forth between the dApp and the wallet:

We believe that most of the actions that don’t involve assets can be executed inside the game.

TokenPocket offers an example of how a miniwallet works based on a popular EOS game – EOS Dynasty.

The first screen shows how the game works now with a TokenPocket opening in a pop-up window every time a user needs to authorize an action. This does not create good playing environment and is outright annoying.

The second screen demonstrates benefits of a miniwallet. After a user enables MiniWallet permission in the EOS Dynasty dApp, all the subsequent actions can be executed without the wallet pop-up window, which enhances UX.

To learn more about various types of permissions and how to set up your TokenPocket miniwallet, go to the project’s Medium post.

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