This article is written by Fred Krueger, CEO of EOS Lynx

I’ve written about dGoods before, but I got my first actual SXSW Blankos pack today thanks to John Linden.

I photoshopped away the QR code, but I wanted to share the general concepts here because I don’t think most people understand them:

1. This particular dGood is #274 out of 904 of the Billy Bones Flip collection.

2. The good has a QR code that you can scan — which for now brings you to a Blankos redemption page, but which in time could lead you to a wallet download.

3. The card is wrapped to protect the QR code from being scanned. It came with 3 other cards, as a “mystery pack”, but it could easily be a single card

The great thing about this is you can see the mass market potential.

– fantastic for a “McDonald’s” style game
– fantastic as a giveaway/premium at a sports event
– fantastic in conjunction with a concert (imagine the “Coachella pack with special digital offers”
– fantastic for coupons (buy one burger, get free fries with this dGood)

Very, very bullish on dGoods over the next 12 months. Mythical Games will be patient zero, but the dGood “virus” will spread with this kind of distribution — and it truly will represent something that credit cards and PayPal can’t provide.

Tell me this is not appealing.

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